Asian Gems of Casino and Gambling World

Asian Gems of Casino and Gambling World

Want to visit a casino? With that question in mind there’s one name popping out of the brain, Las Vegas! Afterall it’s the Mecca for all the Gamblers, but now tables have turned, Since the livecasino Gambling games were always Popular in Asia and with Improved Economic Conditions South-East Asia means boom for gambling industry. Asian heavens of casinos like Macau have straight competition with the casino Mecca. Let’s find out who are these new players that threaten the city of light’s

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Asia Comprises More than half of the population of the World and with that Much population and Limited resources of gambling, it must come as no surprise that of the world’s biggest casinos by gambling revenue are located in Asia. The casinos of Macau and Singapore occupy all of the top ten place. Here’s the List of Best Casino Places in Asia –

  • Macau – Undisputed gambling capital of Asia
  • Singapore – Casino hub of Asia
  • Malaysia – Casino in Mountains
  • South Korea – Casino Pass for Foreigners Only
  • Japan and Vietnam – Future of Casinos
  • Goa – City of Gamble

Macau – Gambling Capital of Asia

Which Casino Games Have the Best and Worst Odds?If you are a fan of Gambling then you should’ve know about Macau, it’s the undisputed Gambling Capital of Asia. It has Most famous Casino Resorts in the World. If you ever visit Macau, You’ll see it has a unique world totally dedicated to the gambling. The Venetian, the Parisian Macau, MGM, Grand Lisboa are Some Names of the Casinos where single casino works as a representative of the entire island. Increased competition from other resorts has led to talk of tough years, but it seems that business is picking up once more, and new grandiose venues are opening doors. All to all, even though cliched, Macau remains the undisputed top gambling destination in Asia. There are some other places which are trying to topple the gambling overlord of Asia from it’s throne.

Japan and Vietnam – Future of Asian Gambling

Vietnam appears to be the next country being ready to join the likes of Macau, Singapore and the Philippines under the spotlight. Since the beginning of 2017, there have been trial periods that allow gambling for ‘economically-qualified’ citizen. If the Vietnamese markets were to open for the locals, then there would be a huge interest from foreign investors which would inevitably lead to the emergence of casino-resorts that would attract foreign players as well. Things appear to be moving slower in Japan, which is famous for its convoluted gambling legislation – as you well know, gambling prohibitions have led to the appearance of Pachinko machines in the place of slots. It would appear that the country will finally allow the opening of casino resorts at certain locations. But still Some of their implementation bills are under consideration so it’ll take few years to visit a Japanese casinos.

Other Casino Hubs of Asia

There are several venues in Asia offering best and usual gambling scenes, Like Malaysia The Genting Casino opened back in the 1970s with only thirty tables and a selection of what was then known as ‘one-armed bandits’. Since then, the famous casino has been growing steadily. South Korea is the only Asian country discriminating between locals and foreigners as gambling is prohibited for locals but casinos there allows foreigners to gamble. Gambling in India is restricted but Goa is one of the places in India where gambling is legal. Casinos in Goa contributed handsome amount to the state revenue and home to some fine casinos where you can try your luck.

Precisely Asia offers variety of environment to the world of  gambling.


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