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Cash Back – The Bonus We Lost

Today in the field of gambling online casino malaysia, players are offered various loyalty programs and bonuses. Most of them are very popular among clients, which forces gambling establishments that want to develop dynamically to offer them to their clients. Needless to say, the majority of modern players, choosing gambling establishments jdl casino online malaysia, carefully study the loyalty program.

Casinos That Pay

Before the elimination of offline gambling on the territory of Russia and Ukraine (its official ban), clients enjoyed using such a loyalty program as the return of a part of the lost amount. The cashback size varied from casino to casino – from 5 to 25%. Note that this practice was very common on the territory of the two countries, and since gambling establishments needed a constant influx of customers, it was necessary to attract them by all means.

Note that over time, casinos have abandoned cashback, providing it not to every player, but to especially valuable customers. The bonus has migrated to online casinos and, however, here it did not last long. According to experts, the main reason for rejecting such a bonus is its disadvantage for the casino.

A Few Words About The Reasons

The thing is that gambling establishments, introducing loyalty programs and bonus programs, pursue their own goals, and they differ from the representation of the players. So, if the bonus program is built correctly, then with low costs, customers have a desire to play. The vast majority of bonuses are designed in such a way that a player needs to place bets to wager money in order to withdraw them to his account. The calculation is made on the fact that while the bonus is wagered, the player will lose most of the deposit.

Remember, most of the bonuses offered today are not profitable for players, since they have to risk more money than they can get.

What to do with cashback? The practice of refunding money that the player lost was abandoned due to the unprofitableness of such a step. The player, without making any effort and without even making money to his deposit, gets his money back in full. Of course, in the process of wagering a bonus, a player can easily lose it, but this does not happen in 100% of cases and gambling establishments do not want to take additional risks.

Thus, a gambling establishment runs the risk of being defeated by returning money within the framework of a cashback, but there is not even a theoretical gain here. Of course, it is possible to make attempts to force the player to make a new deposit in order to receive cashback, but they will not be successful in 100% of cases.

A Little About Cashback

Within the framework of cashback, the player is provided with a certain part of the finances that were lost during the allotted time period. As a rule, this is 10-15% of the total loss for a gaming session or some period of time. Some casinos introduced an upper limit – they say, we return 15%, but not more than a certain amount.

Cashback casinos carried out either on an ongoing basis, or they made special offers timed to holidays or significant events. The return percentage fluctuates depending on the amount lost. Note that the conditions for wagering such a bonus in the form in which it is offered today can be much stricter than in the same deposit bonuses.

It is worth noting that the gambling establishment benefits from this kind of bonuses. These are investments in the image and good name of the casino – such steps are highly appreciated by customers. The visitor who won is satisfied, and the loser, having received part of the money back, actually gets a chance to win back.

The Situation Today

Today, cashback is offered mainly to VIP players and regular customers, the wagering requirements are minimal. Despite the rejection of such a lucrative offer, it can still be found in gambling establishments.…

Asian Gems of Casino and Gambling World

Asian Gems of Casino and Gambling World

Want to visit a casino? With that question in mind there’s one name popping out of the brain, Las Vegas! Afterall it’s the Mecca for all the Gamblers, but now tables have turned, Since the livecasino Gambling games were always Popular in Asia and with Improved Economic Conditions South-East Asia means boom for gambling industry. Asian heavens of casinos like Macau have straight competition with the casino Mecca. Let’s find out who are these new players that threaten the city of light’s

5 tips to stay profitable when playing online casino games | AZ Big MediaBest Casino Places in Asia

Asia Comprises More than half of the population of the World and with that Much population and Limited resources of gambling, it must come as no surprise that of the world’s biggest casinos by gambling revenue are located in Asia. The casinos of Macau and Singapore occupy all of the top ten place. Here’s the List of Best Casino Places in Asia –

  • Macau – Undisputed gambling capital of Asia
  • Singapore – Casino hub of Asia
  • Malaysia – Casino in Mountains
  • South Korea – Casino Pass for Foreigners Only
  • Japan and Vietnam – Future of Casinos
  • Goa – City of Gamble

Macau – Gambling Capital of Asia

Which Casino Games Have the Best and Worst Odds?If you are a fan of Gambling then you should’ve know about Macau, it’s the undisputed Gambling Capital of Asia. It has Most famous Casino Resorts in the World. If you ever visit Macau, You’ll see it has a unique world totally dedicated to the gambling. The Venetian, the Parisian Macau, MGM, Grand Lisboa are Some Names of the Casinos where single casino works as a representative of the entire island. Increased competition from other resorts has led to talk of tough years, but it seems that business is picking up once more, and new grandiose venues are opening doors. All to all, even though cliched, Macau remains the undisputed top gambling destination in Asia. There are some other places which are trying to topple the gambling overlord of Asia from it’s throne.

Japan and Vietnam – Future of Asian Gambling

Vietnam appears to be the next country being ready to join the likes of Macau, Singapore and the Philippines under the spotlight. Since the beginning of 2017, there have been trial periods that allow gambling for ‘economically-qualified’ citizen. If the Vietnamese markets were to open for the locals, then there would be a huge interest from foreign investors which would inevitably lead to the emergence of casino-resorts that would attract foreign players as well. Things appear to be moving slower in Japan, which is famous for its convoluted gambling legislation – as you well know, gambling prohibitions have led to the appearance of Pachinko machines in the place of slots. It would appear that the country will finally allow the opening of casino resorts at certain locations. But still Some of their implementation bills are under consideration so it’ll take few years to visit a Japanese casinos.

Other Casino Hubs of Asia

There are several venues in Asia offering best and usual gambling scenes, Like Malaysia The Genting Casino opened back in the 1970s with only thirty tables and a selection of what was then known as ‘one-armed bandits’. Since then, the famous casino has been growing steadily. South Korea is the only Asian country discriminating between locals and foreigners as gambling is prohibited for locals but casinos there allows foreigners to gamble. Gambling in India is restricted but Goa is one of the places in India where gambling is legal. Casinos in Goa contributed handsome amount to the state revenue and home to some fine casinos where you can try your luck.

Precisely Asia offers variety of environment to the world of  gambling.


The Role Of E-Wallets In Gambling

In the modern market of monetary relations, the popularity of electronic wallets as a means of making online purchases is increasing due to their information security. The convenience of their use can be seen in the example of online gambling blackjack malaysia, where the priority is to get the winnings immediately.

Players give their preference to these particular companies due to the speed of transactions.

Choosing an e-wallet requires a responsible approach and taking into account both positive and negative reviews is important.

An e-wallet is the equivalent of an online bank account. It has many benefits and is gaining more and more popularity these days. Such a payment system attracts users by ensuring information security without requiring the entry of bank data. This makes life easier for both the client and the service provider, making translation simple and convenient. The ability to quickly transfer funds attracts both businessmen and ordinary users, including gamblers.

Electronic Wallets As A New Payment Service

Protecting confidential data is a priority, which is why all merchants are required to comply with PCI DSS standards (a list of requirements for a company to ensure the security of payment card data), reducing public concern for their accounts. Electronic wallets allow you to use virtual payment services to withdraw funds from online gambling.

Online casinos are attractive because they make receiving money a simple operation thanks to the way winnings are paid out. Although a wire transfer takes time, and maybe even charges some commission, most users prefer e-wallets. You can see how the site owners themselves recommend them, explaining this by their ease of use. Electronic wallets have become a worthy alternative to bank cards, and in some cases a successful replacement.

Neteller and Skrill are the most popular payment service providers in gambling today.…

Is It Worth Playing Roulette – The Reasons For The Popularity Of The Game

While conducting a dialogue with employees of gambling establishments, or with people who have extensive experience, you can come across several opinions about roulette. From one point of view, roulette is one of the most difficult and, perhaps, confusing games. But from a diametrically opposite point of view, roulette is the simplest and most exciting game.

Whom to believe? If we approach the issue fundamentally, then the supporters of these opinions are right, but in their own way.

A Little About The Rules

Of course, at first glance, roulette has fairly simple rules, there are no difficulties here. The chips are located on the field and your task is to predict exactly where the ball will stop. Note that the main types of roulette are not very different from each other, therefore, if you have experience playing one roulette, you can play all the others.

It is worth mentioning that not such common bets are accepted for roulette, which, as practice shows, can be difficult to understand. These are bets on adjacent numbers, on sectors, on finals, on complements. Experience is certainly indispensable here.

Thus, for those players who want to become professional roulette players, the following rule is relevant – you run the risk of encountering strong enough properties, however, after the player gets comfortable and feels like a fish in water, things will go well.

A Little About Strategy

With what there are no big difficulties, it is with the strategy of playing roulette. Of course, anyone can use a certain betting system or other methods as a base, however, as practice shows, this only leads to the fact that you complicate your life on your own, without having, at the same time, any effect on increasing your chances of winning …

Remember that European roulette has its own characteristics – here the player does not affect the outcome in any way, therefore, your tactics does not affect the theoretical return in any way, you may well bet blindly and have the same bets to win as those players who bet on then the system. American roulette, due to the presence of two zeros on the field, is generally unfriendly for the player, therefore it is better to refrain from playing it.

French Roulette – here it is best to play on equal chances, because if zero falls, the player can get back half of the money.

How Much Can You Earn?

It has been mathematically proven and substantiated that honest ways to achieve an advantage over a gambling establishment are not possible (with the exception of fraud, which is punishable by law).…

Auto Hold – Is It Worth The Candle In This Mode?

Video poker enjoys enormous and unabated popularity in every modern gambling establishment. Market experts explain this quite simply – the game is simple, and often also beneficial to the players. The principle of operation is clear to any poker player, there are no global innovations here.

The player receives 5 cards in his hands and, according to the terms of the game, he can change any number of them at a time. The main goal is to collect a combination included in the paytable. The key feature of video poker is that the player has no opponent – no need to compare your cards with the cards of opponents and dealers. And that’s the beauty of the game.

A Few More Details

Thus, when playing video poker, all a player needs to do is assess the strength of the cards he received and leave only those that, in his opinion, are really needed. The remaining cards will be replaced with others in the expectation of getting a stronger combination or improving the one that already exists.

In this section of our site, you can study the pay tables, as well as game strategies showing how to act in one or another situation. With the right approach, the advantage of a gambling establishment will be measured in fractions of a percentage or equal to zero. But this is only a theory; in practice, everything is different.

Not every visitor to a gambling house has the necessary experience and knowledge. Some players come to casinos solely for pleasure and rely only on fortune, while others play extremely rarely in order to closely engage in strategy, theory and game psychology.

Auto Hold Mode

Now we will look at the Auto Hold mode, which was introduced to video poker almost immediately after its invention and popularity.

But the Auto Hold button is not an analogue of the “Loot” button, so beloved by customers and as unrealistic as the properties that are prescribed to it. Remember, after pressing the Auto Hold button, the payments change – the coefficient decreases, the payments are made according to an additional table. This suggests that you pay out of your winnings for the help provided by the algorithm laid down by the developer.

Actually, there are two options – either you make all the decisions yourself and get the winnings, or you donate part of your winnings to the casino.

What To Do?

Before you do anything, be sure to study the materiel, choosing the most beneficial form of video poker for the player. Practice and only practice – you need to play, train constantly (demo mode to start). But if you are playing for fun, the Auto Hold button will definitely be useful for you, because if you do not have basic game skills and are unfamiliar with strategy, you can lose much more than you can win in the future.